Answers & Route

Morning Route Afternoon Route
Section 1
Q.1 How many beers do we drink while singing? 1
Q.2 What is the name on the bus shelter? Poulin
Q.3 How much $? $300
Q.4 What is its address? 4609 Haut St-françois
Q.5 Complete the following: Pepinor
Q.6 How many cross-country skiers are there? 3
Q.7 How many baskets are used for the «auto-cueillette»? 3
Q.8 What is between the truck and the bus? 2 tow trucks
Q.9 How many trucks are there on the right side of the street? 5
Q.10 How many blue horses are there? 4
Q.11 What is the missing animal? Goat 
Q.12 What is on both sides of the soldier? Two canons
Section 2
Q.1 What is his phone number? 964-5050
Q.2 How many people are there below the cross? 2
Q.3 Complete the following: flowers
Q.4 Sylvain has a big one! What is it? Saw
Q.5 What is the kart number? 33
Q.6 Which weapons do we use at the Ruisseau Noir? Rifle,gun, bow and arrow
Q.7 Name two dog breeds. Golden & Labrador
Q.8 What year did the fire occur? 2010
Section 3
Q.1 What sport is played at the Parc des Champions? Tennis
Q.2 How many clubs does the golfer have? 3
Q.3 What color is the circle? Yellow
Q.4 Someone is missing. Who? Anouk
Q.5 His first name? Alain
Q.6 Where is the Bar Saloon located? Far West
Q.7 Complete the following: Meilleurs
Q.8 What does this logo represent? Chemin du Terroir
Q.9 What color is the middle tree? Red
Q.10 What is under the car? Bicycle
Q.11 What colors are on the checkered pattern? Red & white 
Q.12 Who offers these vegetables? Famille Trottier
Q.13 Complete the following: Crafts
Q.14 Who accompanies the two bears? Turtle
Section 4
Q.1 His first name? Alexie
Q.2 Who makes them? GFA Pyro
Q.3 Annulée/cancelled Cancelled
Q.4 How many balls are there at the school? 2
Q.5 What is in front of the car? Tractor
Q.6 How many bottles are there in the fruit and vegetable basket? 2
Q.7 Which street is named after a lady? Magnan
Q.8 Who is cool? Larry
Q.9 Q What time is it? 12h22 (+ ou – 3 min)
Q.10 What is there at this number? 450 974-8040? Bell box
Section 5
Q.1 Where does the Indian get his clothes from? Habit St-Eustache
Q.2 Name a sports club Curling
Q.3 What is the name of the ferry? Paule II
Q.4 What is the height under the ark? 3,6 m
Q.5 Complete the following: Vieille
Q.6 What is ? Golf ball